It’s more than just an image; it’s the face of your business, a powerful tool that conveys your identity, values, and promise to your customers at a glance. With the right logo, you can make a lasting impression, build trust, and ignite an emotional connection with your audience, setting the stage for enduring success. Use the guide below to determine what kind of logo service is right for you.

Custom Logo Packages

Custom logo packages begin with a comprehensive exploration of your identity, your objectives, and how you wish to be perceived by your target audience. This process then transitions into design and concept development, culminating in final approval, delivery of logo assets, and the exciting milestone of launching your logo.

You need a custom logo package if you:

Logo Refresh

You may already be an established brand, and are not ready or in need of a complete logo redesign. A logo refresh can be an affordable solution that ensures that the logo maintains recognizable elements while also evolving to design trends or realigning to new business values or objectives.

You need a logo refresh if you are interested in any of the following:

Logo Recreation

If you find print vendors, web designers or other graphic artists are not able to use your existing logo due to it being low resolution, low quality, or not having the correct file formats, layouts or color variants—recreating your logo is a simple, affordable solution without starting over.

You need logo recreation if your looking to: